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Smart appliances

Some Tomorrow Street households trialled Panasonic Econavi fridges and washing machines in their homes.

Panasonic Econavi technology uses sensors to learn and predict where you’ll be and what you want to do. It then changes its behaviour to make sure it’s always working efficiently.

A clever fridge
Using light and room temperature sensors, the Econavi fridge knows when you’re around and what time you like to eat. So when the door is opened it’s ready, cooling your food to the optimum temperature. And when you’re asleep it knows it doesn’t have to work so hard.

A sensitive washing machine
This is a washing machine that knows the difference between a pair of socks and a pair of jeans. If it’s washing heavy loads it’ll spin slower and if it’s a light load it will use less water. Its intelligent design lets you save energy without thinking.

Using the energy management systems we have been able to monitor the energy usage of the new Panasonic Econavi fridges and compare it against the old fridges. We have seen a massive 50% reduction in the energy consumption of the new Panasonic Econavi fridge, despite the new fridge being larger in capacity.^

The Panasonic Econavi washing machines have only just been installed in our Tomorrow Street homes but we will compare their energy appetite over time and share the results soon.

Product benefits of the Panasonic Econavi fridge

  • Door sensor - detects how frequently the door is opened and closed to determine your refrigerator usage patterns.
  • Light sensor - detects surrounding brightness. When lights are switched off, the sensor determines that the refrigerator is not being used.
  • Room temperature sensor - detects the surrounding temperature.
  • Internal temperature sensor - detects temperature inside the refrigerator to determine the required cooling power.

Product benefits of the Panasonic Econavi washing machine

  • Sensor detects the laundry load and the water temperature to automatically reduce the wash time and the amount of water accordingly.
  • With less water used, lower power consumption and shorter wash times; it's not hard to see why it’s the eco-friendly choice in washing machines.
  • 4.5 Star Water Rating / 4.5 Star Energy Rating.
  • New wash programmes for everyday lifestyles.
  • Eco / speed modes.

^Results may vary depending on fridge models.