We've put everything to the test

Now we're sharing what we learned on Tomorrow Street

Over the last 18 months, Genesis Energy turned some typical New Zealand streets into the country's first advanced energy neighbourhood. The 15 families who make up Genesis Energy’s Tomorrow Street have finished testing a variety of exciting energy-saving technologies – now it’s time to share what we discovered.

Tomorrow Street Test #2


Can we help the Sherlocks save energy by wrapping up their house?

We properly insulated the Sherlocks’ house, to see if it would improve their energy efficiency and make their home healthier and more comfortable. See how they went here.


Tomorrow Street Test #5

My Time Tariff

Can we help the Claytons save money by doing the washing late at night?

We put the Claytons on My Time Tariff, a pricing plan that gave them cheaper energy after 11pm, and challenged them to change their washing times to make the most of it. See how they went here.

Tomorrow Street Test #3

Smart Appliances

Can we help the Moffatts make a fridge a valued member of their family?

We gave the Moffatts an energy-efficient Panasonic Econavi Fridge Freezer, which uses sensors to learn the household routine, to see if it would help them save on their energy bill. See how they went here.